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Past Exhibitions

Ushaw has hosted many fantastic exhibitions over the years. Inevitably each exhibition must move on, but this page should serve as a reminder for any you may have missed or simply wish to look back on:

Life at the College

This exhibition walked us through the daily life of students at the college. A fascinating insight to the way these young boys lived. 

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Joe Tasker - Savage Arena

This exhibition told the story of the life of former Ushaw student and world famous mountaineer, Joe Tasker.  The exhibition contained many of Joe's personal photographs and possessions and also told his story through film.

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Ushaw had the privilege of housing some of the famous Canaletto paintings, created by an unknown student of the great artist, whilst they underwent cleaning and consolidation. Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, was an Italian painter of city views or vedute, of Venice. He also painted imaginary views (referred to as capricci), although the demarcation in his works between the real and the imaginary is never quite clear cut. Some of the finest artwork in the world, he had some of the most dedicated and skilled students in the world. Ushaw was proud to house one such students creations, and is honoured to have been a part of their story.

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Science at Ushaw

Ushaw College, throughout its history, has been a strong proponent of the study and development of science in its many forms. Despite the clear boundaries between science and theology, the study of science was an important part of life in the seminary, and the men training here had a well rounded understanding of the natural world and the science behind it. This exhibition examined the study of science at Ushaw, as well as the items used to aid the men in understanding their world. 

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Alan O'Cain - Sentence

Alan O’Cain’s eye-opening exhibition followed the harrowing story of an un-named man who, following the financial troubles in 2008 America, pled guilty to securities fraud and was sentenced to imprisonment in one of America’s toughest detainment facilities.

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Fay Pomerance

In association with Durham University, Ushaw College proudly presented Redemption, an exhibition of little seen work by British Jewish artist, Fay Pomerance (1912-2001).  

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Chuck Close Tapestries

Chuck Close Tapestries was the first exhibition of contemporary art to be displayed in the ornately designed St Cuthbert’s Chapel at Ushaw. The dramatic juxtaposition of the monumental, monochrome portraits against the richly coloured, high Gothic architecture is intended to encourage visitors to look at the space in a different way, reflecting on the changing history of Ushaw.

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