Park & Gardens

The Gardens

Ushaw's gardens have been a main feature of the grounds for almost as long as the former college itself has been established, and boasts a beautiful selection of flowers and greenery, which change through the seasons. There is also an old lake and many wonderful woodland and gardens walks for our visitors to enjoy. 

Visitors are free to explore the beautiful gardens for themselves, with paths winding through the ancient trees and beautiful flower beds that have characterised Ushaw's gardens for more than a century.  We also have some modern additions to the garden, in the form of gorgeous wood carvings, courtesy of the acclaimed carver Tommy Craggs. 

Sports at Ushaw

Ushaw has a long history of sports, with some particular to this part of the world. From Cat, played only at Ushaw in the UK, a well as Handball, Keeping-Up, swimming and other more traditional sports - Ushaw students had a wide selection of sports to spend their time on.